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Community Expert

I can help grow your business faster whether you are just starting or ready to go next level. Cost effective strategies. Creating community and growing support for your business/service.


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Authority Accelerator

Move beyond your competition by  building your media assets for TV, Publishing , Livestreaming and the Stage. People work with the people they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST, so get visible and step into your authority.  Monthly masterminds training and support in livestream, speaking, YouTube, trending and evergreen engagement and so much more.


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500 Doors

Win the offer every time, be the listing specialist. There is nothing stopping you from working both on line lead gen and also traditional geo farming, aside from the understanding of why and how. Over the past 0 years the high focus is on tech and the art of gaining geofarm ground swell has been sidelined and for some lost. Learn to leverage while giving back to your geofarm/community to move to the Listing side of the business. 

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30 minute FREE webinar

Explaining the five key strategies to becoming a community expert.


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