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Podcasting 411

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With limited seats and maximum information this 1 day event will work to get you on the path of Podcasting Success. Kim Hayden has been an award winning entrepreneur in Calgary since 1999. She has produced several seasons of broadcast television seen on Shaw TV and CTV. She know what it takes to grow an audience, produce great content and make money. Whether you're an Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, Author Kim will show you how podcasting can help you build your brand and connect with your audience. Be seen and heard as the VOICE OF ATHORITY.

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The 3 T's to Podcasting:

  1.  TIME: Knowing the truth of how long it takes to produce your podcast AND maximize the post content is critical. Create your action plan and respect your time.

  2. TECH: So many options, what to do.... How do you decipher what you need and where it is at. Sometimes this is as simple as knowing the right industry language so you can search the right answer. 

  3. TALENT: I am sure you have this in spades. However understanding the pacing and purpose of your podcast can make all the difference from sounding like a Pro or Novice.




Bonus "The OPP Effect"

The fastest way to grow your brand awareness is to become a great guest. You will receive step by step of how to create you 1 pager , where to connect with other podcasters and create powerful and effect CTA to engage the audience. This  half day program is $400 on its own. It is yours for signing up today. Limited seats.

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There are so many ways a Podcast can create revenue. In this 1 day we not only will go through the time and tech you need to produce a great podcast, but I will also share multiple ways a podcast can generate revenue. Learn How in less than 6 months I became a paid media expert. Done right your podcast can confirm your brand as an authority and a brand people want to be a part of. It is not hard if you learn the right way to manage and multi-purpose your content.

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"Kim was Amazing, her energy was off the charts and really made me feel like i totally can do this."

Courtney M.

"Kim Hayden inspired me to follow my vision and now I have a map to success."

Rosann T.

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