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Creating an Ecosystem to support industry leading Women like you. By building the publishing architecture that goes beyond the print. Publishing, Promoting & Producing the most inclusive experience you can have in taking your brand to the next level

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We provide the Architecture you need to grow your Authority through Authorship


Welcome to the Resilience Series!

The Resilience Series is focused on connecting like-minded women in real estate. Traditionally, leadership i in coaching and the personal development front has been very male dominated. The Resilience Series breaks this mold by providing a platform for outstanding women in real estate to focus on what matters to them.

The Resilience Series has partnered with Writing Matters Publishing House in the UK to publish our series of books. Our relationship with Writing Matters allows us and our authors to experience the best of both worlds combining the collective strength of a collaborative process of working with other authors, combined with the direction and insight of traditional publishing with the freedom of self-publishing. A collaborative book like the Resilient Real Women project, makes the work and the financial load lighter for anyone that wants to start or become an author. Working together with others allows you as the agent to focus on your day to day and do what you do best, connect and close!

Being a part of this book is an excellent way to reignite your current client base while being seen by an entirely new audience. If you are ready to take your sales to a new level this year, join in, become an author and expand your horizons. You never know what’s waiting for you on the other side.

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You write your story, we do the rest!


Writing your book is just 1 part of having a successful book. Resilient Series  multi prong approach ensures each author is fully supported and promoted.* 5 day Writers challenge, 3 stage social media stack, podcast, global PR, individual mini book, Image mastermind and press kit , *Summit and *book launch , are some of the ways we support our Authors present their literary legacy with pride!


Resilient Series is partnered with Writing Matters because we believe there are strength in numbers. Publisher Andrew Priestley operates a family friendly publishing house with a focus on multi-author professional books. WHY is this important to you? Amazon Author Central associates your name in our book to over 50 other #1 books that all of which are well curated, clean content.


Know your niche and stay within it is the reason Resilient Series has partnered with In-Houze Productions & Promotions. In-Houze Productions  works diligently to ensure our/your  story is told the right way to the largest audience possible. In-Houze & Resilient Series  oversees the development of the social media stacks  along with ensuring the schedule of a precise and timed launch for maximum awareness.

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