The Big Shift / Pandemic Pivot

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As a 22 yr award winning Real Estate agent in Calgary Alberta, I have experienced the market ups (2007) and downs (2016-2019) through the lens of a Community Expert. Covid has brought many things, aside from the obvious. Shifts around work and communications are just a few. How does this play in the shift in mindset surrounding the traditional office and home?

 Let's roll this all back 2 years pre-pandemic.

 Elon Musk is launching a satellite system that will enable people to work from the middle of the ocean. The USA school system is under pressure and underfunded leading to more people exploring homeschooling. Housing is being built, however major markets are becoming ever more expensive, pricing people out of many markets.

 What is the clarity the Pandemic has brought? Why are we seeing a shift in the traditional workspace?

 As we move from the Industrial age to the Age of Knowledge, much of this would have happened even without a pandemic. Forbes reported that in 2015 the online learning industry generated 165 billion and is predicting 325billion (I think it will be far more) by 2025. This provides a space for not only home schooled children, but also executives who want to shift from production to instruction. This in itself shifts where we work, how we work and when we work, for the entire family unit.

 This is compounded by the fact that many young adults have witnessed their parents restricted by work and looking to live a more experiential lifestyle.

 This brings us to the present day. 

 Although I do not have a crystal ball, I believe the future holds the greatest shift in housing and commercial  space since the 1950’s. Influenced by global migration, aging demographics and the desire to embrace and maximize personal space. Our personal space now needs to meet work, education, entertainment, fitness and the list goes on and on.

 People are buying everything from planes to boats to moving countries. Why? Because they can. Unlike the Spanish flu in 1918, we are no longer restricted by employment and travel. One hundred years later we had the same human responses and storyline, with a far different fall out, due to the evolution of technology. 

 Simply put, major employers who are expecting their executives to head back to the office, may be in for a rude awakening. Only service and manual jobs will require people to show up and even that is being challenged with automation. People have a choice to live on a boat, move to the country or even out of the country.

Kim Hayden

Founder Resilient Series, Author & Coach / I love people and their potential / I love coaching people to their greatest level of success

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