Resilience in military, mental health, and entrepreneurship - Featuring Deblair Tate

deblair tate entrepreneur podcast resilience resilient Aug 16, 2022

For over a decade, DeBlair Tate has been helping people resilience in the face of adversity. A former professional figure competitor, military training instructor, and successful business owner, DeBlair knows a thing or two about overcoming challenges.

As a certified health and wellness coach, DeBlair helps her clients develop healthy habits that lead to lasting change. She also works as a life coach, helping people overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

DeBlair is also a published author and graphic designer. Her latest book, "Resilience: How to Bounce Back from Life's Challenges," is a guide to developing the mental and physical strength needed to overcome any obstacle.

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Hello and welcome back to KimTalks Resilience. I'm your host, Kim Hayden, and I am so excited that you're here tonight. My Tuesdays are all in such a great headspace. And, you know, I get to sit here and sip a nice warm tea because it's in Calgary and we're a little chilly today. It's been raining all day. But you know what? Be grateful for you. I have hot tea and I'm inside talking to amazing women. So Kimtalks is where we share stories and insight and inspiration in life, love and business with resilient women. From around the world. Now you all take a moment and be sure to check out WWW. Resilience Queen of resilience dot shop. This is our store. We got a lot of sass, a lot of fun there. So be sure to straighten your crown, look around and get something at the Queen of resilience shop because we need your support so we can keep this resilience message moving forward. So today's guest was super excited, absolutely gorgeous. DeBlair. She is down in my new favorite city and we'll get to that in a moment. DeBlair Tate is a celebrity health and wellness coach, life coach, published author, graphic designer, master, resilience trainer, former professional figure competitor and a military training instructor. She's also the successful owner of a bigger eight or eight figure brand figure eight. I keep on to that eight figured brand and we got to figure out what that means. She has a primary focus on mental and physical health, wellness and making people feel confident about who they are and how they treat themselves. DeBlair's goal is for those she encounters to reach a place of wholeness, mind, body and soul. Her passion centers on helping others break barriers, fully realizing their ability to live happy, healthy and prosperous, prosperous lives. Redefining their success, recommitting to themselves and reactivating their personal goals. So a lot of reasons for this. So let's get to this. Welcome DeBlair.


Hi, Kim. How are you?


I am doing awesome. I'm doing awesome. Even better because I've got so many questions. So if you see me looking down because of my glass, my desk is a glass top and I've got my fancy dance, I've got all my markers. And I write notes the entire time because I love amazing women and learning from them. I'm just like all of our audience out there. I'm here to learn. I'm here to learn. So you know what to wear. We're going to just start this off. You take it away. I want to know who you are.


Who am I? Oh, my God. I am just a little seven girl from Mississippi that decided to go for her dreams. I am my mom's only child, but my dad has four other siblings and they live in Anchorage, Alaska. So that is something that many people probably don't know about me. I am the one of five and I'm the only one that does not live in Alaska.


So you're the only one that chose not to freeze her. Just really, really dark six months out of the year. So I think you got the better end of things. So. So share with us a little bit. So we went read through everything. You're a published author. You're into fitness. And there's even challenges you face in fitness. There's so many things going on in your life. Share with us a little bit about what you do and where you are.


So I do multiple things I like right now. I'm mom. I pride myself on being a life coach. And with my life coach, I was training for 17 years, so I transitioned into a coach. And I'll say that and now my program, we're so focused around more mental health. You know, you can always do the workout, you can always get the nutrition. But mental health became a big, big, important part of me because I realized a lot of people had multiple issues and they really didn't know what resiliency looked like to them. You know, life beat them down when they got to that point, they stayed there. So I wanted to target those individuals that needed my push. I felt there was a need. So I kind of jumped into it head first thing and it's been going great from there. Muscle military training instructors, still full time military. I love it. And I just have a lot going on. I'm an entrepreneur, the owner of a brand. I mean, it's just that I wear multiple hats well.


Military. So military and mental health. We know that there is a lot of overspill of mental health issues when it comes to the military. I have a sibling that's been in the military. She has a lot of peers including her, her ex, all military. And there's a lot you can see a lot of these kind of trips and triggers that are residual from military when and it's kind of sad because these these people so many have gone and actually defended. They've actually put themselves in the line of fire. So when we talk about mental health we talk about mental training or military training, what is it that makes your program or approach unique?


Because I've been where a lot of the people are and I can relate on different levels. It doesn't matter where you are. Yes. In the military, I've seen a lot. I've actually myself had to go to counseling and I thrive on making sure that you get the help because I'm not a trained counselor, but I do have the experience. I do know, you know, what to tell them to do to get over the hump, but they have to want it themselves. So it's just the experiences that I have. It's just the things that I've gone through. I've liked seeing 17 years of issues that people have, you know, and I kind of just pay attention to it and do what I can to just tap into how to resolve those issues.


So what is the population of the United States? It has either been in the military or is in the military is significant, isn't it?


It is pretty high and people don't stay all the time. So you have some people that have gotten your feet wet. You know, they may have stayed here for a term which is about four years. Some people stay through retirement. So it just varies. There aren't a lot of people there has actually entered into the military out of the country.


And you have a strength to you in the sense that you knew that you had a path and a journey ahead of you. You did not disclose initially that you were walking into this path and you still got you still went to university. You still got a degree of peace, ma'am. So, yes, how did you know this? How to tell us a little bit about how you got into the military? Yes, I love that. I loved reading up on you because it's like a sneaky little thing. I don't have children. I know.


I'm like, oh, my God, you know, a little more than I expected you to know. But yes, of course, I felt like the military was more so my way out. You know, everything that I'm doing now, it just happened to, like, fall in my lap because I never knew that I was going to be a coach. I never knew I was going to be a military instructor. I just knew I wanted to get out of my environment that I was in in my city, you know, because I didn't feel like there was a lot of opportunity. And even though I went off to college, it was still right down the street. So I needed some type of foundation or some type of assistance that was going to get me away in order for me to kind of experience a different side of life. So that's what motivated me to join the military. You try to experience that life.


Okay, so we've moved from the military. So my guess is you're still a six or, or a five AVM or what time are you up every morning?


Oh, between 4:30 5:00.


Okay. Well, you know, what, if you were like in Honolulu, you could call me, but. No, no, but no, I'm, I'm a 6 a.m. or 4 a.m. is just pushing up for me. But, you know, there is absolutely something to be said. I have a girlfriend who runs a private five star resort. Ah, a five star spa in an exclusive resort in the mountains. And this girl is up. She's done half a day before. I mean, being out of bed is crazy, and she's. She just rocks. She rocks it completely. So quick things. A couple of things I want to touch on, which I love, is you have been two years running for a fitness award, I believe, or something like that. Tell me a little bit. Oh, yeah. I saw that picture. Those are my favorite, favorite athletic wear also. So tell me a little bit about your fitness award and what that did for you and your career.


So I never wanted to do fitness competitions, but when I met my trainer, he encouraged me to do them and I did it in the second competition that I did. I ended up winning fourth and the no, the first one, I got a fourth in the second. I ended up getting first, which let me answer the two titles of Miss Georgia Fitness two years in a row, which was, Oh my God, I just never thought that I would get there. But I was able to tackle those two accomplishments that it takes people years to get there. And I got it in my first year.


That's so that's a wow. That's a wow. You didn't give up after the first time. So many people will do something and then they'll just stop and I know as an entrepreneur that entrepreneurs have this because we have these big dreams and a lot of entrepreneurs are creators we're creatives. So creatives are not necessarily people who put things in a linear perspective. So sometimes things get jumbled and that's where I'd like to go now is when we're talking about entrepreneurship, because you are an entrepreneur, you've got eight figured dot com and eight figured e-comm is it's got a lot going on. It has supplements, it has the coaching in there and it has athletic wear. Now, I've always been curious how you get garments. You get into the garment world because there's already so much out there. There's all that crap that you can get for $8 for a machine and then you've got all the other stuff. But we saw Sara Blakely, you know, Spanx, she started with the garment and looked at what she's done with her life, right? So how did you do that, by the way? Everybody's out there. Be sure to go out and check. There is. You'll know which one I'm talking about. She's got a set. She's got athletic wear. That is the bottoms are either white or black, but they got this gold. One leg comes up the cap and one is on the thigh. And I'm looking at these movies that are Wonder woman through and through. And then just like that just got such a powerful feeling. How did you do this? I mean, you're just a fitness instructor, right? That's all you do. Yeah, I know, I know.


So this happened later on. I actually went to school for graphic design and I started out doing fliers, website kids, billboards, you name it. You know, I had that artistic side of me. And once I realized after so many years of being a trainer how I was just missing out on life, I wanted to transition into something else, but still keep the health and fitness world, still have people to, like, really love themselves and enjoy the standard they're in so I was like, you know, like a fitness lab will be ideal for me. And I wanted to separate myself from everyone else. I wanted to design my own clothes. So everything that you see on the website designed by me is not anything that you can not knock in from overseas. It's not something I got from overseas and just put my logo on. I actually sit in my house and I design everything from scratch. So that kind of was my motivation to do it, to just kind of like back away from doing one online training and transition into coaching, but still have people in my brand where they can feel good about themselves.


How did you like the materials and such? Because you have such a unique D is this material you order custom designed.


Everything is Mesa order. So I got samples of the material from my manufacturers. So any time you order, it's actually made to order. So it's not like they have a shipment of the item sitting around. So they create them as you order.


Oh, very cool. That's also better. Environmentally, it's less wasteful.


Yep, yep. Absolutely.


Okay. So you've got your line of Wear Athletic where you also have supplements. How did you mean, I would assume that you would need some sort of, I don't know, biotech background of some sort. I don't know. But how did you come up with the supplements? Is this something that you collaborated with somebody? I'm just trying to dig into the entrepreneurial side, because I know that women up there are looking for leadership on how to make their mark on their own business.


Absolutely. Like you say, I know I'm not any type of guru in that. So I linked to a company that test and does supplements. So I naturally take different supplements. Like most vitamins I do like sometimes the fat burners, you give me extra energy like the apple cider. So the items that I know that I take for my body, that's not going to be harmful to the body and anything like that. I kind of grab those items because my clients need that extra boost because everyone, they don't eat right all the time, you know? So I was like, Okay, ideal multivitamin. Sometimes we eat the wrong things. We need a detox. Sometimes we just got to get rid of those extra toxins out of our bodies. So before I even dropped my supplement line, it was a urine test. And so, you know, the company created it for me and I had different betas. I send it out to different people and just have them give me feedback. So it took about a year for me to get those items that I have. I only have five on the side by design because I have the next bore in production for people to just kind of test. So I make sure I do a full test for about six months on different people and give me different feedback before I even put it out there.


Very, very interesting. And then how did you search for these affiliates and these manufacturers?


Like what? A lot of research. A lot of research and a good thing about their locality. So I was able to actually go to the warehouse and actually see what was going on. I actually got to see the process, how things were made and just kind of put my input on what I wanted. Okay. I don't want it to feel like this. My fat burning is called oxy burn. I do not want to crash, right? Because like most things, if there is any type of caffeine in it, once you come down from it, you're either crashing from it or you're craving more. I didn't want any of those to, to, to happen. So we had to create something and it took a while for that particular one. In order for us to get it just right.


Wow. Okay. So smart and beautiful, you know, by the way, everybody up there, quick, quick, quick. If you're enjoying this conversation where we're going, there's so much more to come. So be sure that you, like, subscribe, comment and share right here at Kim Talks Resilience. So you like that. And I really really should have been a radio personality. Now I get a kind of B one here on a podcast. So we have gone through let's see the athletics were Atalanta and when you talk about eating healthy and stuff Atlanta Atlanta's got good food.




Yeah I think I put on £10 down there. I was down there for three days and gained £10. Oh my gosh. I love all things Atlanta. It has my heart right now. I could see. But it's beautiful. It really is. I can see why they filmed everything there. So let's say you've got all these products that you're, you're developing and you're testing them out personally. You're designing them personally, you're having them tested in France. Now, are you open to sharing with us some of your medical conditions? You have a medical condition that has kind of directed you in some ways to how you care for your body? Can you share that with us and why? Because I think that lends credibility to what you're willing to put into your body.


Absolutely. Certainly a while like it was it's been up until recently that I decided to share my health issues and I decided to share them because I notice a lot of my clients like really not understanding my driving, my why they knew I had the passion, I knew I had the resiliency, but they just didn't know where it came from, you know? So I finally started this year. So I can not only walk in my walk, talk in my talk, so they can understand that this is not coming from just any random place. So I actually struggle every day in what I'm telling you. I actually have to preach it to myself as well. So I just have an autoimmune issue that affects me in several ways. And I also have what we call vertigo. And people may be familiar with that. That came a little later. So we're still kind of testing and trying to figure out if that's as a result of an underlying issue. So, you know, I do go to the doctor every three to six months to get blood work done. So make sure that my A&E has not become active with certain diseases and the autoimmune family. And I do have an issue that affects me when I get a cold. So it's very rough. And then even everything that's going on with me, there is no guarantee that it's going to stay where it is, where what my doctors are or are guessing is that as a result of my lifestyle, it has basically helped everything kind of lay dormant. So I just kind of keep that lifestyle up if it's not broken. So I'm not trying to fix it and I'm just trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, keep a positive mindset in order for things to stay the way they are.


I know somebody who recently diagnosed gout and and like literally night and day in just trimming out all the different foods and all the different because what people have to realize is that this is my understanding, I am not a doctor, nor do I go on television just letting them make that clear. Folks, but my understanding is based on where your ancestry comes from will lead you to be predisposed to different disorders. My friend is from Europe and I didn't know we had gotten serious. But yes, people can still get gout. Who knew? I didn't know. And you stay warm. You know, you don't like the cold. That's good. You're down south because here you would just be. Yeah, if you don't do well. Although I joked earlier, I told somebody and said, this is the shade that blends in with the snowfall, you know, like, I can go up north and I'm up on the mountains. Mountains are my backyard. So although I may just. I'm going to have to get your address from. Yeah, I may just come. I loved couch surfing. I'm the worst guest to have. I've just let you know nobody gets a word in edgewise. Oh, yes. I'm just crazy. But it's fun. It's fun for very short amounts of time. My poor husband is just waiting for the time to end. So you are a speaker now. You also do it, correct? Okay. So show me that dirty, because when I poll women and I talk to women, you know what they all say unequivocally. They'll say, I really would like to speak, yeah. And, you know, first of all, kudos to them. Here's the fact. Too many women are sitting silent. So good on all the women out there who are speaking up because a closed mouth never gets fat. Never so never gets fat. And that is not my line. I stole that from Loni Love. I saw her a few weeks ago. I just loved that line. So tell us about speaking. How did you get started? Are you with the bureau? Does your agent like to share with us a little bit of how you achieved this because everybody has had a slightly different path.


Oh, absolutely. So I started speaking first in the military and just kind of mentoring. So that's where I came from, entwined at the church and just kind of like motivating them. It really, really kicked off once I wrote my book and I started sharing different things and I had a story to tell, like the experiences that I have. In my most recent speaking engagement, I spoke to some Miss Mississippi USA pageant girls that are getting ready to have their pageant. Some of them, you know, have self-esteem issues. Some of them suffer from lip issues and things like that. So I had the honor and privilege to kind of speak life into them. And what I learned is that once you get on once is the passion. Like you either have it or you don't. I feel like you can't make it up because it comes from a different place, because you can be a transformational speaker, you can be a motivational speaker. You know, there's different types of people that you can turn into, but for me it is more transformational because I like to figure out how to talk back, like with my speaking is more like dialog. I'm not just up there talking, I want to know what's going on with you so we can see how we can chime in and help you. So I do have a publicist that gets me speaking engagements but he kicked off the whole force once the book came out. So that's where we're starting. And then even with my life coach experiences, because I am actually a certified trained life coach, you know, I took multiple courses to get to that level. So it all kicked off from those two things.


Incredible so aligning yourself with the right team, that's what it sounds like, aligning yourself with the right team, you know, you can publish a book, just celebrate as you can publish a book, completely self-published, no cost you, you know, maybe $1,000 to have your ISBN to have all this. However, that's not the true cost of a book because then you've got all of your making sure your legalities are in place, making sure that your publicist is in place. So it's not, not just, you know, I, you know, spend the money that I would have gone to Mexico on it. It's, it's literally an investment, right?


Yeah, it's definitely an investment. I did. It is definitely an investment if you are right. You definitely have the right team in your place and you have to have something that people want to hear. So you know how you say in order to be relevant, you have to have a problem that people need. So you need to figure out how to insert yourself in an issue that people are having.


So that leads me to resilience. So I'm going to ask you why resilience is. And then I want to know about a time where without resilience you wouldn't be here today. So why did you choose resilience? Is it because it's a hot word right now, or is it something that you really felt you wanted to write about?


My life, you know what I mean? Every single day I struggled and I was suffering in silence for a long time. And the only thing that kept me going was me being resilient, was me doing the self talks with me being knocked down people have no idea how many times I've been knocked down because I don't share it a lot. And that's why I started deciding to come out and just give my experiences. And it is on me a long, long, long way. Even with my health issues. When I first learned about my health issues, it could have really knocked me on my face because I've had two aunts that passed away from the very issues that I'm suffering with today, so that that could have been detrimental to me my life and it almost got me kicked out of the military so I had all of that stuff fighting against me because the doctors were prescribing me certain medicines that were just like like factors that you could not have and be in the military at the same time. So they were eliminating factors. So I had all that stuff like fighting against me. And the only thing that I had was, you know, I didn't have a support system. You know, I had a support system like one person I share with. But for the most part, everything else was just kind of like an internal lead. People didn't really know they knew something was going on, but they didn't know to what degree. And that could have really just kind of broken me.


I get the resiliency. I totally get it. It's literally I have it tattooed on my body. So it's a word that I look at every day. We share with us time in your life at any point in time in your life that without resilience, you wouldn't be here having this conversation?


Yeah, absolutely. I shared three a second ago with my health issues, you know, with me finding out about those health issues. That's number one. Even with me growing up in the sea that I grew up in because like, I shouldn't have made it. I shouldn't have been where I am today. You know, I could have easily, you know, just basically succumbed to the environment because I grew up gang related. And I know you probably read up on that my environment was not the best environment, so it could have made or break me, but I decided to push for it and allow me to, you know, just make the best out of it.


And you knew early on that you needed to make changes because even as a youth you made the choice to go into artsy. So that's impressive because that shows as an internal strength that is in that's a piece of you. That's not a price that you learn. That's a piece of you books. Let's go into books real quick. So everybody, this is I have to say, this is a pretty sexy book cover I am I am loving this. Let me see if I can do this. First of all, I love neon pink. Who designed your book cover?


My editor and myself. We actually did it together. The lady that helped me, Christine, was assisting me in that. So we got to put our heads together and came up with this cover yeah.


This is gorgeous. You look like you look like you could be on like Dragon's Den or Shark Tank is what they call it down there. Like, you just look like. Yeah, you look like you're just like they're gonna hand it out. So give us a little insight as to what readers can expect from your book.


So readers can expect, first of all, to get in close and personal about what makes me resilient as f k, first of all, you know, just kind of builds the credibility in why I feel like I'm a pillar to assist people. And also I kind of allow you to question what's going on in your life, you know, maybe tap into things that you haven't tapped into, maybe realize things that you haven't realized. And I just kind of show you like that no matter what obstacles are thrown at you, there is a way out so it's just basically a transformational coaching method, using myself as an example of why you can accomplish or get out anything that you go through.


You are just you're on fire and on fire. I think everybody needs to follow you because I'm sure there is something everyone can learn from you. Where people work, where can people find. Oh, before we go real quick, it figured what is eight figured.


Eight figures is now a brand. I know. What's it stone?


It's great branding, but tell me what's it from?


So it means a lot of things. So, you know, eight in the Bible is saying multiple times and also eight is featuring sideways is infinity. Life is priceless. You are priceless. So it's for people to just realize their self-worth to realize that, you know, you're unique in your own way and not to compare yourself to others. So that is the foundation in the meaning of eight feet.


You're awesome. I knew there was going to be something really great there. I do love the basic wear shorts that you have, that the air is on the side of the thigh and it's like it's dripping down. Yes. And you know what? Now that you mentioned infinity, I can see that that is excellent. Very well thought. You like literally you're crushing it. I think you may be the entrepreneur first and everything else because you've really thought through everything. Where else, aside from eight figure dot com, where else can our audience find you? Connect with you, what are your socials?


So absolutely you can find me on IG at I am DeBlair very very simple is just my name. I am to where you can also find me on Facebook at blare choose healthy I can put my nutrition name on the air so blair cheese healthy. You can also find me a link in just my name to DeBlair Tate.


And everybody so you know the name that is such your mama the good because that is a beautiful name DeBlair, if you're looking for and you're listening and it's DeBlair. So it's just so pretty pretty name. Now what I always ask is give me a quote or an affirmation, something that motivates you. I'm collecting these. I'm collecting all of these, and someday I'm going to be able to put these on like a big wall thing. But right now, today, I want to share this with our audience. One quote or affirmation.


I have multiple, multiple calls. I have multiple, multiple affirmations. But the main quote that I thrive on every single day is that mindset is everything. Mindsets are very, very simple. Because it's the determination of how great you're going to be, what your day is going to look like, how resilient you're going to be is all about how you perceive your life that determines what the outcome will be.


That mindset is everything. So when your feet hit the floor in the morning, be sure to choose your mindset because if you don't choose it, somebody else throughout the day will for sure. Yeah.




Absolutely. Every time I thank you so much to DeBlair for taking this time and giving us just this power packed. Truly inspirational. You know, look into your life who you are. And the reality is, folks, if Blair can do it, if I can do it, if others can do it, you can do it, too. You are important. Every human being that walks this earth has a purpose. So all right. So again, folks, I'm Kim Hayden. This is Kim Talks. I thank you so much for sharing me, sharing your time with me and to DeBlair today. If you feel that your resiliency is lagging just a bit, be sure to listen in and lean into a resilient community here. You can get a free membership so you'll get notified when all the podcasts are happening, when our brand new magazine is out and all sorts of things going on. And that is resilient. Gift dot com. Resilient. Gift dot com. So again, I'm Kim Hayden in your house. And I am so grateful that you took time for yourself. To share your time with me.

DeBlair Tate is a celebrity Health & Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Published Author, Graphic Designer, Master Resilience Trainer, former professional figure competitor, a Military Training Instructor, and the successful owner of the 8Figured Brand. With a primary focus on mental & physical health, wellness, and making people feel confident about who they are, and how they treat themselves. DeBlair’s goal is for those she encounters to reach a place of wholeness—mind, body, and soul. Her passion centers on helping others break barriers, fully realizing their ability to live happy, healthy, and prosperous lives, redefining their success, recommitting to themselves, & reactivate their personal goals.

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