Life is Messy

#perfection entrepreneur linkdin real estate listings work Jul 22, 2021

Life is messy so why would you expect your business to be any less.

No I am not saying sloppy, but messy. #LinkdIn recently sent and email with the #perfecton as the topic.  Does seeking perfection hinder peoples career growth? 

to perfection — in a manner or way that could not be better; perfectly

If your business can not be better that would imply that growth is not needed, that the world is not shifting and technology is not evolving. 

Simply put, being an entrepreneur is messy. It has multiple moving and life at times can get in the way. However, no one, including yourself, can bet on your success if you don't even start the race.

I have learned from some amazing coaches that showing up is the first step in business. When I started Real Estate in 1999 I did not have awards , I did not have a large sphere, I did not have extensive marketing funds. Yet without that first listing and the 10th and the 100th I would not have top industry awards, I would not have civic awards, I would not have 7 seasons of broadcast tv in my repertoire and I would not be a published author. 

So does #perfection hinder #progress. Yes, because if you are building there is growth and perfection is the end result. The only Perfection I strive for is end of life knowing I had the most Perfect life I could ask for. until then what I am doing today will grow and lead to what i do tomorrow. Progress over Perfection

Kim Hayden

Founder of the Resilient Series,  Award winning Real Estate Agent, Author, Speaker & Coach

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