Erin Kurt on How to Manifest What You Want and Stay Resilient in the Face of Adversity

erinkurt manifesting resilience resilient spirituality May 03, 2022

If you're like most women, you probably want to feel more confident. And who can blame you? Confidence is the key to success in any area of life. Whether you're looking to improve your relationships, career or business, confidence is essential.

Unfortunately, many women struggle with confidence. They don't know how to tap into their inner power and radiate confidence in every situation.

If this sounds like you, don't worry. You can learn how to boost your confidence and live a more empowered life with the help of Erin Kurt.

Erin is an internationally renowned Spiritual Teacher and Founder of The Elegant Life. She's also the creator of The Elegant Art of Feminine Confidence.

This groundbreaking program consists of a series of audio lessons that walk you through the process of boosting your confidence and feeling like the true powerhouse that you are.

Whether you're looking to improve your relationships, career or business, Erin's program will help you achieve all your goals with ease. So if you want to boost your confidence and become more powerful in every area of life, check out Erin Kurt's The Elegant Art of Feminine Confidence today.


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All righty. Welcome. Welcome back to KimTalks Resilience. And it's Tuesday. We're going to give you that dose of resilience. If you're not feeling it, we're going to help you feel it. We're going to help you move forward. First, I just want to say thank you to everybody who continues to join us. Be it live or in the podcast afterwards. I know your time is important and I am so honored, unbelievably honored and thrilled that you choose to share your time with me and my guests. I am going out. I am looking for people who are leading, walking the walk, talking the talk, sharing from their heart and from their spirit. So we talk about spirit and all things good within.

Today's guest is going to help us find and clarify our spirituality and where we're at and where we're leading. So Erin Kirk is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, founder of the elegant Life and creator of The Elegant Art, a feminine competence program. She assisted women worldwide to live and manifest with feminine energy, confidence and ease. I like that with ease. Women who adore elegance and abundance are drawn to Erin and her spiritual teachings. She is often referred to as the chic spiritual teacher and said she shares spiritual truths and processes that show women how to lead deep spiritually connected lives while enjoying all the beauty that a human life can offer. She likes it. She elegantly said that's my cancer coming out. She elegantly blends the two. Giving women permission to experience it all. Simply put, Aaron gives women a superpower to live their highest life, most authentic self, so they never compare themselves again to validate themselves and then enjoy, experience, joy, fulfillment and prosperity at a whole new level. So welcome, Aaron. Did I get all that right?

You got it.

Like, the recipe I could do. You send out cakes now to all of your program graduates. I think we need a cake, right? Like that. Well.

That's another idea. I should come up with that.

So, Aaron, share with us a bit who you are and what you do. And then we're going to just dove deep into this for a few.

Moments of it. Love it. Well, you said it best in the introduction, basically, what I call myself, I am a spiritual teacher. I do reprogram limiting beliefs for women as well. I have a certain methodology that I use. But the thing that I am most passionate about is bringing women back home to what they are and who they are. And that sounds very interesting, but I always say that we are obviously spiritual beings having a human experience. And if you don't have a connection with what that means, you can have all the wealth in the world. You can have all the successes in awards. But I have so many multimillionaire women that come to me and they say, So why do I feel empty? So that is one of the biggest parts I bring you back home to having a full body understanding of what that is. And I go back and I also reintroduce or even help some women just discover who they've created a program to be here in this light. So when you and the two are together that is full on feminine confidence and you can go on to enjoy what I call the elegant living and manifesting with feminine energy, confidence and ease is amazing.

It's interesting that you use the terminology back home because I know this sounds crazy and I'm going to bring my Kansas into this. It brings me back to the words of Glinda the Good Witch when Dorothy is trying to get home. And she said, But you've always had the answers within. So speaking of answers within, you're going through this journey of who and what they are.

What are some of the strategies you use to reveal those answers with it?

Well, one of the most powerful things that I'm very passionate about, particularly for women at this time in history, is teaching them what in the world it means to actually be a female with feminine energy. Because we've been raised in a society that is patriarchal, right? So what confidence means we've gotten the masculine done, what success means, what fulfillment means, what happiness means. We've got that from the patriarchy. Then you put into there the societies that we've grown up in, the countries we've grown up in, the religions we've been exposed to, the families we've grown in, and there's all this stuff. But what's the truth and what does it mean to be a woman? So I take women through activations. So I introduce them to the different feminine energies And we actually have an activation meditation. So on experience, any of my clients I know, I can see some of them here watching live. It is a full body activation of that energy within you. So it's not teaching knowledge about these things. It's actually having this your body knows it, and now it can just resonate it. So you're not trying to be confident you're being confident after you have all of these things. So that is something I'm so passionate about. I bring them back to the feminine energies and then I, you know, I'm constantly educating them and showing them how to introduce truths of spiritual laws the way the universe really just works. I mean, this is not flimsy floozy stuff. This is actually quantum physics. And so I empower them and I show them how to use this in their lives. I give them processes to have what I call an elegant perspective on every single situation. So this is kind of the more energetic being's connection with all energy. That's that part. And then we have different parts of my program, which are about who you were created to be interesting.

So you're talking about activation, and we know that activation can go both negative and positive as we just saw the Oscars with Will Smith and Chris Rock and like, come.

On, Will. Oh, good.

That's an activation. That's activation So when you have women, I mean, we are anybody who thinks of single faceted or even dual faceted. Are you serious? We are so multifaceted and we all come with a backstory in origin. As you're saying, when you're working in this space and you're talking activation I know that you're wanting to activate them for good, but at times I'm sure you're activating maybe a negative emotional response and then you have to work through that in order to bring them over to the side of the good. Right. You have to purge all the crap in order to get to the stuff. So you share with me a little bit like do you have a story, like a journey. You went on with somebody that really shifted and you knew you were in the right spot doing the right thing because of this person's shift all the way across the paradigm of where they were, where they were at and where they were going.

So are you saying like for a client, for example? Yeah, like.

Yeah, no names or anything. I would love to know one of your super awesome success stories because I guarantee you somebody who does listen to this will actually align with your client and have a not ha moment.

Well, let's go into one of the biggest ones. Mother Trauma. Yeah, I have a lot of women who come to me with a trauma of the relationship that they had with their mother. It was not what they wanted. It was very abusive mentally, sometimes physically, emotionally, and you know, so I can think of one, one client in particular, she had been going to therapy for five years. And look, I'm all for therapy that can bring you to a certain point. And many people come to me after they've done a lot of work and then they're ready to go to the next level. Yet she had been in this spot of rehashing this mother daughter thing and she couldn't get past it. And she was at a stage in her life where she was like I don't know if I want to be a mother, can I be a mother? Should I even be a mother? Because I don't want to put my stuff onto a child and put the pattern going forward and everything like this. So there's a couple of things. This woman worked with me privately. First where we cleared a lot of that trauma and reprogramed her beliefs around it. Because what happens is when you're a little kid it's what happens. That's the trial. Perhaps it wasn't even what was meant to be mother or you know, that mother was going through there things and so that you made about you. So we reprogram at all. But the thing that I love about the program that I run, the elegant art to feminine confidence, is I'm all about empowering women to know that because you're connected to this all, you actually have everything inside of you, and all you need is maybe a few tools or techniques. So I teach the women in the program something called the elegant clearing process. So when they feel a triggering emotion or a situation that they want to clear or they have beliefs that are coming up against something that they really want to manifest, they are empowered with a process that always works. I also have something that I teach them called the letting go technique, which if Will Smith would have been my client, he would have been able to do last night sitting in the chair, you know.

But I know it's it's we hold on to tight. Why do we hold on to the negative and ignore the positive? Why do we as human beings hold on to the negative? So salt like misers, we're not going to let go of the negative to share with me your thoughts, insight and your practices around that, because I think that's the biggest thing we need to we have come out of two and a half years of this crazy world that we had an experience in a hundred and 100 years right. And we've done it through the lens of a very negative platform typically, which is social media. I mean, the rarity of having an open conversation like this on social media is so new next to all of the propaganda and the, the right, the left that this, that everybody's, that everybody's throat. So we're all coming out of this. And this is actually you're an ideal person to ask. We're kind of.

About you and I've ever been in the last two years.

How do we mend fences? How do we have Thanksgiving dinner again with families that we've alienated children and that we've argued with neighbors that we won't speak to because we've been so polarized and, and, and activated because of the circumstances of our environment. I would love to actually dig into it because you sound like you have some great toolsets to help with these conversations in these situations.

Sure. Well, there's two things. One of the things is your first question, why do we hang on to the negative? And then I'll go into, okay, so what can we do? So why do we do that? We are literally biochemically programmed to hold on to the negative. So if people think, oh, why am I like this? Why am I like this? And we start shaming ourselves, let me tell you that it's actually your biology that keeps you safe and protected smarter to prevent you from being further hurt. The thing is that you've never processed whatever it was that hurt you or that you made a certain meaning or story about. So you need to process it. And there are a variety of techniques. Mine is a very specific one that I use privately with my own clients. And then again that I share, teach with, with my own program. So that's the first thing. It's not your fault, but it is your responsibility. If you desire. Yeah. If you desire to have this beautiful, elegant life, which I talk about, it's your responsibility to take charge and say, Okay, how can I change that? Meaning, how can I make that meaning of that situation a positive? And I call that the elegant perspective on it. Okay. So that's one of the biggest, biggest things And then how did the circumstances of family, friends, everything. Now, what I always say is that your reality on the outside is a direct reflection of what's going on within you. So it won't bother you that your neighbor has a different opinion than you unless you have something within you that's saying, I need everybody to agree with me or I need to be validated that my opinion is the right one. You know, whatever the stories are is going on in your head. So get yourself right before you start, you know, approaching different conversations with people because nine times out of ten, the conversation will never need to be had. If you change your energy, nothing will matter anymore. You know, and with this example of this woman who had the trauma with her mother she could not get over it. She could not get over it until we started doing the work together. She went through this program. She was within I think it was two weeks. She made her mind up that she was going to get pregnant. She went through IVF the first time it worked and now she is on the road to having a beautiful baby girl, which is very.

Nice. Yeah.

So you see, when you're clear of the stuff and you do the work, she is thinking about her mother.

Now, we don't we don't have control over anybody else. We only have control and sometimes a limited control over ourselves. Yeah, I myself come from a childhood, a trauma documented through the court systems. I come from poverty. I have been homeless. And now the flip side, if I only gave you the diagram, the dialog, I have a 27 year marriage and I have three children that come over for Sunday morning breakfast. I've built a multimillion dollar real estate company. I'm in the process of building a multimillion dollar production company for voices of Authority. I mean, nobody would guess that but that's my choice. That's my choice.

And you've done some work.

Oh, dude. Oh, my God. You know what, folks? I just want to share with everybody the trick to stay sane inside is to have regular maintenance, just like our cars needed. Regular maintenance. We need regular maintenance. My husband and I have done on and off counseling throughout our entire life, not for issues at hand, too, but to prevent to clear up things that could become issues because I knew I knew I was married to a man who had not abused my children, would not beat me and would never cheat on me. Those are my three hard limits I keep. I think it's very low standards. But that was what I went through in my childhood, and I didn't want that. So when we went into this marriage, I knew exactly what I wanted and I said anything else and everything else I can deal with. And we go every few years to six weeks of counseling. So we have a referee, sorry, a mediator to help us clear out anything that is piling up so we could start fresh, you know, and the reality is you need that and you know, you're not going to change others, right? Yeah. I live in Canada. I have debris. Different views on American politics. Works and things like that. And my family is in Kansas. So can you see I like I'm just going to leave it there, folks, so I can either a I took a call from my mom just an hour ago. Just, you know, Kimberly, I'm just calling to tell you to let you know that I love you. I didn't want to worry you. I'm going in and have my knee worked on tomorrow. We know that I have some issues around, some for one under. But I wanted you to know that I love you. That's the kind of conversation you need. Not be going down the rabbit hole of politics or who's down and doing this. I have no control over any of those things. Oh, you don't have control over it is my relationship.


When we're talking about looking at life, the intelligence around all of this social or the outside layer that's going on around us, it's really impacting a lot of people. Right. What are some of the things that we could do on a daily basis, if you could give me one or two things that I could implement that are simple strategies to deal with the inner elegance of this world that we're in right now, that is triggering a lot of people.

Can you share a couple things with me that are like daily practices for yourself and that you try to put in with your clients?

So what I really teach is a spiritual, feminine lifestyle to my clients. And it's not new. You've probably heard it. A morning routine is what sets the tone and just the energy for your day. Okay, so there's a couple of things. Number one, some kind of alignment exercise that you can do, medicine being one of them. And I have a very specific, very short kind of meditation and I sell it on my website, if anybody is interested. It's called the Start Your Day with elegance and flow meditation and it's aligning you with what you are because of divine energy, there is no judgment, nothing is good or bad, it's neutral and it's very high vibe. So if you align yourself with that energy, you are already starting your day from a neutral energy and a high vibe energy. And then you're also receiving divine guidance or whatever. So it's a beautiful way. So there's many ways you can do that. But I always say that a quick meditation in the morning, it doesn't have to be 30 minutes or whatever but short is, is one of the ways to do it. And then I always say be very intentional, intentional about how you want your day to. Okay, so you can ask yourself a variety of questions, whatever feels right to you, but you can say Tune in after you've, you've aligned with that energy and there's not a lot of chatter going on and you're just calm. You are in touch with your soul, which is connected to divine energy. Ask this question: Who do you want to be today?

And wait for a word to arise. It might be peace, it might be patient, it might be loving, it might be a bad ass. I mean, who knows what your soul is going to want that day and it will be different. Or sometimes there were gosh, there were multiple months where the same word peace, peace, peace kept coming to me. And, you know, that would remind me of things that would come up during the day. I would be up who did you want to be today? Peace. How peaceful would that be? Or you can simply if you are more of a writer, you can say, my intention for today is that I elegantly complete all of my tasks and interact with people like an elegant woman, something like this, you know, so you're making that choice. But those are a couple of reasons how you just quickly within 15 minutes can start yourself and choose who you want to be in the life you want.

Amazing. I love that. Choose who you want to be today? Now, because I'm more of a voyeur in your field, I don't I'm not an expert in your field. I know that I'm missing a question. I know that I'm missing something here. Can you share with me something that you want to share that I haven't asked the right question? You know, and we're all like this. Like it's like you asked me something on production. So is there something that you would like that you really feel is important, something maybe that has been in your high vibe over the last few days? You go, I've got to get this out there. Like, what would you like to share?

Well, this is my utmost mission in life right now. At this time in history, more than ever, the feminine energies are needed and require cooperation, interconnectedness, flexibility, gracefulness. These are some of the feminine energies and they're coming. I'm seeing them infused when I want women to know that it's not something outside of themselves that they need to do to change the world. Because a lot of women who come to me want to make a huge impact in the world. They want to change the world. But if you asked me what is the number one thing that I think every woman needs to spend time and energy on, it is learning how to have feminine confidence. What do I mean by feminine confidence? What's next Okay, so confidence in the past used to be like a little bit more with ego. I'm good. I am so good. In fact, I'm actually better than that person that, you know, and it's kind of this a bit of arrogance and a little bit of ego ness, whereas feminine confidence comes from when you learn it from my way, of course, knowing what you are and being that and from these feminine energies, you instinctively and just naturally know your value and your worth. You don't have to try to do it. You know, there's this thing, fake it till you make it. You don't have to try to do that. You can just be you just because you know your value. You know your worth and therefore, from that energy and that understanding, you go out and you have the ability to write that book. You have the ability to start that podcast, to put yourself on that dating app, you know, or raise your prices, start a coaching client, you know, move to a different country. You have the ability to do that because you know that you are good enough to do that. You're worthy enough to have the kind of life you want. It's knowing. It's not you trying to prove or be defined or be validated from something outside of yourself. That's feminine confidence. Now, men have both feminine energy and masculine energy too, but they are in most of their power when they're a little bit more to the masculine Senecal work until you damn well get there. The feminine is more in her power when she's 80% in her feminine. She's going in the morning and receiving. She's fiercely aligning herself. She's receiving any guidance and she's taking action on that and she doesn't set a goal and make steps until she gets there. She keeps tuning in and listening for the next step. To take the next action to take. It's a lot more fluid without going to do it this way and I'm going to do anything until then. I'm not going to get off this, and that has hurt me and burnt me out as well as so many other women because it's against our nature. Well, and.

I find that there are a lot of women. So I was just doing squats, right? Doing the analysis of my business. Literally before we got on this, we were going through our entire business plan because we're sitting down with some people. What I find interesting is that it said strength, weakness. I have always been a collaborator. When I have a weakness, I'm like, okay, well, let's just say I'm like, everything is doable. It's always, why not me? I never have been in the why me scenario or I can't do it because I don't know something great. Let's go find somebody who does, though. And you know, I think that the faster we all embrace that weakness does not mean you are weak. It means it's not a strength of yours. Value your strengths. Yes. Like expose your strengths, explode those strengths and allow somebody else to spend their time in a space that is your weakness. Why would you take on something that you're not good at? Find somebody who's good at it and create that space right well, see.

That's one of the parts that I was talking about discovering. Who have you been programmed to be? For example, since the day that. Well, I can't say since the day I was born, but you know, I haven't had the ability to be a teacher and I was a school teacher actually in Calgary. I was a school teacher at one of the very private schools there. I don't know which one. Webber Academy. Yeah, Webber, I know.

Webber, I know. Unfortunately he just passed that at Webber Academy the last four years. Jim Cummins from Shaw TV. When they closed out Shorty, he became the theater coach there and he taught me back in 2014 for two years, everything on production. So Webber had a real gift. They had Jimmy so that's unbelievable. Was pretty sure that was what it was, either Webber or Randle, but I'm pretty sure it was what?

Oh, okay. Well, anyway, so I'm.

Sorry, guys, everybody for that. I went on a tangent. Yes. Very good school. Good on you. That's why you're doing so well. You have discipline. You have to have a little bit of discipline to be a teacher. I admire teachers.

You do. You have to have passion. But you also have one of my innate skills. I mean, I feel so comfortable being on here with you. Put me on a stage and I'm at home, put it on someone else, and it's like, that's their worst fear. Just kill me before you stage right? It's my natural way. I programmed my voice the way I sound. So, you know, I have so many meditations, I have two nice free ones that you can get on my website. Everybody's comments. Erin, you're always so perfect for these. It's just the perfect sound, did I do it? Nope. That's how I was created. I have the ability to take very complex ideas. I mean, confidence. How do you make someone confident? I know how, right? But I know how to break it down into simple methodologies. So I'm just this way. I haven't tried yet. I'm not a techie person. Spreadsheets make me just go like this and I like this. I mean, but I have an assistant who gets a buzz a high from creating a spreadsheet or whatever, like, thank you. So I love the words that you said. And I always say this to express you, discover you. I always have the acronym for Y or you, your outstanding uniqueness ooh. Go discover you and then express yourself. And this is such a beautiful way because you give yourself permission to be who you are. You stay in your own lane and you're not looking from side to side going, oh, god, she's better at that. Why can I be better at that? Oh, maybe I should take another course. No, no. Oh, you are a power. You are you in your most magnetic self, you are in your most influential self when you are you. But I think the thing that especially in the West, is that women, particularly, have been brought up to fit in to follow the trends. Oh, that's the kind of body shape that I should go for. Oh, wow. Okay. That's the style of the hair, that's the thing we don't even know who we are. And I think one of the benefits when I actually moved to France, I learned so much about being a woman and loving myself for who I was because they have a totally different scenario over there. Their whole thing is what's really unique and different about you. That gap between your teeth and more prominent nose. That's your USP, you know, your unique selling point, showcase it, rock it. And I loved that. So I'm so passionate about this.

I always tell everybody to progress over perfection. And if you don't believe it, look up the definition of perfection. It says there is nowhere left to go. The only day I will be perfect is the day I hit the grave. Everything in between is a progress in work. So on that note, could you share with us? I always try to end these conversations with a positive, like a quote that you follow that has impacted you or, you know, a saying anything along those lines?

Can you share with us something that really is like a star for you?

Well, you know, you're going to find this funny, and I promise you, I had no idea if she asked me about a call where I say, because I have a favorite one. And this is one actually from Will Smith and when you hear it, you're going to really laugh every moment. We have a choice, evolve or repeat. And I love that quote because I, too, came from a lot of trauma in my background, very significant traumas. And I lived in victimhood for probably 30 years. And I repeated the patterns and repeated the patterns and repeated the patterns. And when I finally got what I call this elegant perspective and stopped living from victimhood, I decided I chose what I'm going to do at this moment, get the learning. I'm going to evolve from this experience. I'm not going to repeat that anymore. That's when my whole life changed. So that's that's the quote I would say.

And every bit maybe somebody to share that with will just say it.

Well, you know, we're not hurting like that. We're not perfect. And he has a moment where his trauma was triggered. And I really feel for everybody in that whole circumstance.

Well, yeah, absolutely. And we all there is not a single one of us that has not had a moment like that in our life. We just have been blessed not to have it all over global television. So the reality is Will hasn't done much differently than any one of us. Like, I have thrown a pie, I have thrown a punch. I have fought with my sisters. I have done all these things right. Thank goodness there's no actual evidence or video footage. So speak it up on video footage. Speaking of how we can trace somebody down, can you share with everybody, Erin, how they can find you and follow up to grow their elegant life?

Hmm. The best place, I think, is to go to the elegant life dot com. As I mentioned, I have free resources, I have meditations, I have different guides, and masterclasses. So a lot of things on there that you can look around, learn a little bit more about me and what I do if anyone here has resonated and feels that this is the time that they are ready to embark de feminine confidence, like just being already stuck trying to be it and just be it, then I would really recommend a book a call with me just to see if the elegant art of feminine confidence is for them, if that's the best next step for them. So you'll find all of that stuff on my website. I also have a YouTube channel called The Elegant Life. You will find me on Instagram, The Elegant Life blog. It's called So I'm Everywhere. But I think the first place is probably, you know, my, my website. Yeah.

Awesome. Awesome. Erin, again, I thank you for sharing your time today, sharing your message, your insight and all done so elegantly. So again, folks, please like share, subscribe and comment and you know, do spread the word. We need to get this message going, showcasing resilient women around this world. They're living their life the best life possible with women like Erin and I'm sure like you.

So again, thank you for sharing your time with us. Today. I'm Kim Hayden. This is Kim Talks. And until next time, have an absolutely amazing life.

Erin Kurt is an internationally renowned Spiritual Teacher, Founder of The Elegant Life and Creator of The Elegant Art of Feminine Confidence program. She assists women worldwide to Live & Manifest with feminine energy, confidence & ease.

Women who adore elegance & abundance are drawn to Erin and her Spiritual teachings. She is often referred to as The "Chic" Spiritual Teacher since she shares Spiritual Truths and processes that show women how to lead deep, spiritually connected lives while enjoying all the beauty that a human life can offer. She elegantly blends the two, giving women permission to experience it all.

Simply put, Erin gives women a superpower to live from their highest, most authentic self so they never compare themselves again, they validate themselves and they experience joy, fulfilment & prosperity at a whole new level.

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