Our goal at the Resilient Series is to see every one of our clients achieve a minimum 6 figure income.

The more you're seen and acknowledged as an Authority, the Higher your income will be.

We know the Authority Accelerator works, and when we work together, we'll create an affordable online credibility program that gets you seen and recognized at the go to Expert.

We offer a cohesive media program, from print to video-podcast, that provides you with a series of professionally produced assets. 

 Author Central  Published Author,  Podcast,  Speaker  at our virtual summit with subsequent speaker sizzle reel.

In short we provide you with the assets you need in todays highly competitive online world to demonstrate Credibility and Confidence in your Brand.

Very few Professionals have the time or budget to build and maintain a Brand Awareness Assets for themselves.

As a matter of fact those Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Coaches that achieve high Brand Awareness and industry Credibility understand they have to invest time and money on an ongoing basis to maintain their online presence.

The Credibility Asset Creative  offers a cost effective and cohesive branded assets  program providing you with a comprehensive assets package to leverage your expertise and further build your online presence.

Single payment $3850

Opportunity Knocks!

Graphics & Video 

  • Speaker  Sizzle Reel
  • Social media stack for Podcast promotion
  • social media stack to promote Speaker Video
  • Social media stack to promote Book Launch
  • Social media stack for Speaker Summit

Speaker & Publish

  • Listed on Author Central Amazon
  • Author in the Resilient Women Book Franchise
  • Speak at Live Virtual Summit
  • Individual online book for Lead Gen
  • Post articles in Resilient Magazine 
  • Mastermind  tech, tips and promotion
  • Livestream / Podcast strategy

Promotion & TV

  • KimTalks Podcast Interview
  • Resilient TV  Speaker Reel
  • Digital promotion in select markets 
  • Press release for Book Launch 
  •  Author Directory listing in Resilient  Women Magazine
  • Podcast Guesting strategy and platforms

Limited Space 

Contact us as to eligibility

Building a business has never been easier and harder at the same time. Are you living your truth?

Women sharing their best practices in an inspiring format. Insight on marketing, technology, team building, product development and funding.

Tackling a challenging subject it the easiest of times. Enjoy stories of Resilience and relationships with self , others and finances.

These  women have strategies to live your best Life After Divorce.


Speaking to all the MotherHustlers out there!

No one is more creative and multi-faceted than the MOMpreneur.

Building empires with bouncing babies!  


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