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Resilient New Media and the Resilient Series were started to fulfill a dream of the cofounders, Kim and Doug Hayden. Kim and Doug have been involved one way or another in Multimedia programming for over 20 years.

 In 2014 they decided to launch a TV and Video production company called In-Houze Productions. This was done to combine their love of producing TV and video while promoting their Award Winning Real Estate knowledge and services.

 Within five years they had opened a studio and were producing multiple TV shows, with more than 8 seasons of programming on Shaw TV and CTV, plus numerous live events.

 With the shut down of all TV productions due to the Pandemic, they had to come up with a new plan and strategy to grow. In response to the rapid technological and fundamental ways people started to interact in the online world the Resilient Series and Resilient New Media were born.

 Resilient New Media is a boutique Production and Distribution company that specializes in the development of its own offerings, such as Resilient TV and The Resilient Series, as well as the development of branded content and Podcasting.

 Positioned to take advantage of talent, content, technology, and live events, RNM has placed itself at the apex of the 3 T’s”, Technology, Time and Talent. 

RNM creates live and virtual events as opportunities for the Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Trendsetters who shape popular culture.

We understand the New Media Landscape and all the possibilities brought about multiple distribution platforms. Our plans for 2023 include expanding our content distribution onto OTT and CTV Platforms, like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and others.

 With a passion matched only by that of our clients, Resilient New Media is committed to crafting and building new opportunities through the development of content, events, and distribution.





Meet the Team

Kim Hayden

C0-Founder/ Host/ Coach

Doug Hayden

Co-Founder/ <arketing

Cari Frame

Writer's Coach & RNM Instructor

Jessica Easton

Podcast Project Manager


Film & Edit


Production assistant


Chief Technical/ A/V


Marketing / RNM Instructor


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