What if YOU could build a 6 figure residential Real Estate career without cold calls, door knocking and chasing fsbo's??  YOU CAN!

I did! In a new community, a new city even in a new country all with a young family. I had no sphere of family & friends , let alone past work, school or networking groups.


Join me, in my 6 week program, as I share the step by step of everything I did, and even some things I  hindsight I wish I had done. Becoming the the "Mayor" of my market and voice of authority. Gaining the  KNOW, LIKE & TRUST of an entire community.


If you follow this program, I promise, You too can launch your 6 figure business without huge cost and uncomfortable cold calls.


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Organic Leads / Creative Consistency / Better Social Content

Get Focused


Understanding your mission and vision will give your the clarity of message and direction so you eliminate any confusion for both yourself and your client as to what you are offering.  This step helps with marketing and branding , giving homeowners who align with your mission and vision an easier decision to work with you! Schedule your engagement with our marketing masterminds to creative engagements.

Identify Your Community 

Understanding your 8 communities of outreach and opportunity is critical to true growth. Friends and family are nice, however you will not achieve maximum potential if this is the only community you promote to. Communities of interest, faith and geography are just a few you can create unique messaging and marketing for. Community Mapping or Mapping your Spheres will keep your marketing and messaging intentional.

Contacts = Contracts

Seriously.... Are you sitting behind your computer expecting to make money in your community? Getting out and meeting people is the surest way to share how awesome you are. You don't even have to wait for someone else to do an event or gathering, host one yourself. Don't worry, we have you covered with our our 90 day event planner for Real Estate events. Remember, your Networth is in your Network.

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Grab your pen and paper for this informative and fun webinar. We PROMISE you will learn strategies that can make you $$$.

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farm·ing  /ˈfärmiNG/ The business of growing crops. 

What does this have to do with Real Estate? It is an old term used before we would spend all our money on digital lead generators. This was a practice by a "Community Real Estate Expert". By serving a community with a focused and consistent presence we would grow a crop of organic community leads. This is one more tool you can leverage to build a business that is sustainable and profitable.


Kim Pesavento

Kim Hayden's talk on how community experts win listings struck a chord. She laid out concrete steps from developing a strong mission statement to creating a vision board to listing the many ways to get involved in your community. Community involvement and volunteerism has always been a huge part of my life and as a new agent in a new state, it reinforced my belief that the best way to generate leads is to do what I love to do, get involved in the community, and build my business organically.

Courtney Mulvaney

Kim Hayden was amazing - her energy was off the charts and really made me feel like I totally can do this!

Rosanne Tebeau

Kim Hayden - Inspired me to follow my vision to get more involved with community
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